Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I haven't had energy for normal day-to-day activities, let alone running! And that is because...

I'M PREGNANT!!! Baby Mac is due 8/16/2012 and we couldn't be more excited!

My commitment to running has been inconsistent since we found out we were expecting back in early December.

Most days I felt too nauseous and exhausted to even think about running. Although, at our first appointment, my doctor said I am clear to run pretty much my entire pregnancy depending on how I feel. I am sure come late spring/early summer my running will become waddling.

As for right now, I am making the most of days that I feel good. I've been mixing running with walking and/or the elliptical. I have a goal for the 2nd trimester (which began 2 weeks ago) to try and run around 5 miles a week (didn't happen the first two weeks, but I have not given up).

Five miles seems like a small number compared to pre-baby mileage, but at least it is something- I will keep you posted on my progress (with running and with the baby bump). See the progress so far....

4 Weeks! 12/10/11 - the day we found out
our whole life was about to change for the better

Baby Mac @ 8 weeks - so amazing!
You can see the head, butt, umbilical cord...

Mommy @ 8 weeks

Mommy @ 12 weeks