Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Run 2B Great

The quote from my shirt I put on this morning before heading out to run reads, "Run 2B Great." This got me thinking about what I wanted to write for today's post. There are many reasons why people run, but why do I run? This question was not easy to answer.

First of all, for those of you who knew me back in high school, I am sure that you will agree, I was not athletic in any sense of the word. I was a cheerleader from 7th grade through my freshman year of college. I will never forget my cheer award at the end of the year- "Most Versatile", aka not really good at anything so we are going to give her this award....

Then there was my experience running track each spring for four years during which I pole vaulted with a number of my good girlfriends. A typical practice was the group of pole vaulters lying on the mats watching a real runners train. When told to get moving out favorite line was, "pole vaulters aren't runners." And as a pole vaulter I think I may have cleared my own height (5'0'') one time.

So what have we learned...Katie WAS not athletic.

Where did the motivation to start running begin? I am not quite sure about that one. Perhaps it was the fact that running a 1/2 marathon was on my bucket list or that I married into a family where running Buffalo road races like the Turkey Trot and Shamrock Run were tradition or that I just simply wanted to be more athletic OR some crazy combination of all of them are drove me. Not let's be clear, as I have already stated in previous posts, I've always been terribly, horribly inconsistent with running, but so far this summer I am changing that.

So here are some reasons why I run:

to create a more athletic me, to cross something off my bucket list,
to bond with my family (especially my father-in-law who is an amazing runner and a big supporter of mine- although he did tell me to take a rest day throughout the summer- sorry Dad, no can do),
to be fit and in shape, to clear my mind, to be alone, to de-stress, to win a bet, to prove something to myself, and yeah- I guess 2B great too.

And this morning I ran to hang out with my cousin Tom. Thanks for a good run and for getting out of bed early to go- not sure how I feel about am runs with you yet.... ;)

Why do you run?

**I leave for Buffalo tomorrow for a few days (to celebrate the bridal shower of an amazing friend).
I am going to be (of course) running while there. I am not sure if I will be able to upload my Garmin runs each day from my mom's computer but will give it a try. If not, I will have lots of miles to add when I return.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 5k

I saw this quote on a friend's Facebook wall this morning and though it was so appropriate.
"Many men have fathered a child, but real men become good, loving, and dedicated fathers." Happy Father's Day to all those men!

I did not run today's Father's Day 5k with my dad because,#1- he is in Buffalo, NY and I am in VA and #2- he is not a runner! But my husband, Brendan, ran the 5k with me and someday he is going to be an amazing father to our children. Here is a quick photo that I took of us after today's race. You can see part of the only "baby" we have right now, our Pomeranian Brie.
I ran this race in 28.57. I was hoping for around 27 minutes which is my best 5k time to date. However, my husband reminded me that the race I was thinking of was a flat Buffalo road race (compared to today's race on the Reston Pathways). Either way, my time is proof that races push me because I finished 4th in my age group. I am looking forward to some more this late summer/early fall. My goal is to complete another 1/2 marathon sometime this late fall. Perhaps the Richmond Suntrust 1/2 in November?

In another extreme couponing side note:

Last week I picked up a Schick Hydro razor and a 4 pack of refills for $3.46 (full price would've been close to $20). This razor is the mother of all razors as evidenced by the fight that we got into- clearly the razor won....

Friday, June 17, 2011


My running partner Tom Robinson! I promised a post about him a while back so ladies, here he is:

Not the best picture of either one of us, but a better one is coming.

Let me tell you a few things you need to know about Tom:
1. He loves my cooking- especially pasta dinners
2. He is my running partner
3. He is always up for any run I suggest (length, route, day/time, etc.) and I really appreciate that about him
4. He is easy to talk to and a great listener, which make him an even better running partner
5. He has become quite fit in the last few months so he runs faster than me, then I have to push harder (not complaining- it is a good thing)
6. He lives in the same town as me (but on the "better" side of town)
7. He hates my dog, but I try to overlook that about him
8. He is one of my best friends
9. He has a good friend named Jack
10. He went to Hillsdale College (which you can gather from his shirt)
11. He is a HUGE DC sports fan
12. He is my cousin and I love him

That's all for now- except a better picture of Tom (the best one EVER- since he is wearing a Bills jersey). You will hear more about him throughout the summer, as our runs can get pretty crazy!

Thank you

I have to give a shout out to my wonderful husband, Brendan, for all of his support with my running goals. He has been to every race running with me or cheering me on throughout the last 7 years together. We are running a Father's Day 5k together this Sunday, pictures and post to follow. No Mom, Brendan is not a father yet, so don't freak out when you read this! ;)

Brendan also been a tremendous help in creating and perfecting my blog. I tried unsuccessfully to add the countdown and mileage tracker- but he quickly figured it out! Thank you so much babe! I love you. Here's to many more races together :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 1 Coming This Friday

The first day of the "Summer of Run" will be this Friday, June 17, 2011 (First day without students)! Let the "Summer of Run" begin.

UPDATED: Friday, June 17, 2011: 8:43am: First day's run is complete!